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Trump Formally Nominates Andrew Wheeler to Head EPA
by Axios
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  • Jean
    Voted Oppose

    The fact that we have another CORRUPT person coming into this administration is just adding another corrupt #Deplorable to this basket. His corruptive past should be enough to negate him. When will this administration have a person who will protect ALL THE AMERICAN PEOPLE and not just special interest groups. We need as a human being CLEANER AIR, CLEANER WATER, and CLEANER SOIL. I do believe God can so Miracles and clean up ALL OF THIS. HOWEVER, He gave us TOOLS such as Brains, to create technology and resources for us to care for the Earth that he gave us. As our bodies are supposed to be a temple God gave us dominion over all of it to care for it. Expecting God to do our job being good Stewards. Allowing the facts that we as humans will destroy everything when there is no disciplinary actions or laws to maintain or create a better place for our children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. For many of us who Won’t be here in 30-50 yrs to be selfish and not care about the future and for those of us who are Christian as myself and my self proclaimed Representatives are we may be caught up in the clouds and we believe there will be a new heaven and earth. However that could still be 1000yrs from now. We don’t know. It sure feels like the “END TIMEs” with everything is going now. Yet, IT MAY NOT BE. THIS GUY IS NOT QUALIFIED JUST LIKE SCOTT PRUITT. VOTE NO. Yet, I know how you will vote. Oklahomans vote against Clean air, water, soil. All about the Oil and Gas. Yes, I’m an okie and know all about the O&G is what everyone worries about and who you all are frightened of and funds your campaigns. VOTE KNOW! We need a real EPA Representative not another scandal ridden regulation destroying grifter. One who knows how important human life is. How important breathing is and water is. Chemicals that are hurting babies born and unborn. Be pro-life.


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