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To Get Mental Health Help For A Child, Desperate Parents Relinquish Custody
by Kaiser Health News
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  • Chickie

    These are the topics that are most important to every day Americans. The current condition of our healthcare system is shameful. Mental health illnesses should be treated under the same standards as any other illness. The answer is NOT having parents to give up their children with the hope the child will receive the care they desperately need. We are the United States of America ~ we should be so much better than this. Representatives MUST focus on what is important to their constituents. End the three ring circus over #45’s Wall. Over 800,000 federal employees do not want ideas on how to make money, (hold a yard sale, Seriously?) Pass the House Bill without initial funding of The Wall, send it to the Senate for their approval. If #45 Veto’s the bill, the Senate MUST pass it with 2/3 votes in favor of the bill. Once done, get yourselves back to getting our government back in order. Medicare for ALL Americans, including ALL elected representatives.

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