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Do You Support Expanding Work Requirements for Food Stamps?
by Causes
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  • johnow
    Voted Yes

    Nothing is free.. 95% of the people on food stamps or any other government subsidy program, could do something 40 hrs a week for that money. You work, you get food, no work, no food money.. Go back to the WPA and CCC times, you work for money to have food.. Our Country is on elf the dirtiest anywhere. Roadways need cleaned up, from the trash to the weeds.. Give people a sling blade, ax, or whatever they need to get the work done, but the Old fashioned way not the new fancy way.. Bring back the commodity food, instead of people going to grocery store.. I am Damn tired of seeing People on WIC, food Stamps whatever, in Sams, with 4 or 5 grocery carts full, and then a cart of alcohol.. How is it they have money in cash for alcohol.. If you are on a subsidy program, then the government will pay for a family of 4, if you have more than 2 kids, that comes out your pocket, quit giving money for people to breed like rabbits.. Same thing in the Military, if you have more than 2 kids then that is on you.. Or have them neutered after 2.. Don't pay for more than 2 kids to be delivered either, make them pay the hospital bill..The people on subsidy programs live a Hell of a lot better, than the Normal Blue collar worker.. Quit it!!!!!


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