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Do Democrats and President Trump Need to Cut a Deal on Border Security Funding?
by Causes
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    After looking just 10 minutes at this issue I see yet again our countries Government constantly looking to Israel for answers to our own problems. Department of Justice is training American local Law Enforcement with ISRALI Defense Forces. The same forces brutality suppressing the Palestinians in occupied territory! This started BDS for the same reasons we boycotted South African for Apartheid! .President Trump is awarding High Tecnology border surveillance contracts to ISRALI contractors. This is a National Security area and Congress hands our most important contracts involved with all the Intelligence Agencies, law enforcement and military to a foreign power? We must break this false consciousness , that a foreign country should be so incestuously and deeply involved with the inner workings of America or , there is no “National Security “ for The People Of The United States! A far better approach to this alleged insecurity at our borders may be a closer look at the Trade agreements made in recent years that move jobs out of countries ,depriving local populations of opportunities for work that otherwise would not have happened! Corporations are not People People are ,and People’s needs must rise above corporate profits every time! Congress must act like adults and see the problems in all their intrinsic connections to still other legislation already acted on and , what needs to change! To learn more read ,”Confessions Of An Economic Hitman” ,and “Death Economy Life Economy”by John Perkins. Secure our borders by being great neighbors, the kind you feel comfortable enough with to borrow a cup of sugar!


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