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Executive Order on Immigration: Strong Action, Uncertain Orders
by Causes
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  • Emma

    Please be aggressive in your opposition to this ban, encourage the DOJ to uphold Sally Yates' directions. If we do not resist, we are headed towards an autocracy, that anyone who doesn't agree with President Trump will be fired. In doing her job, she had constitutional questions, not moral questions. As a member of congress you can have BOTH! Please LOUDLY express them. Please also confront some republican members of congress who are saying that this is not a "Muslim ban" when in essence, it is a HUGE issue of discrimination and prejudice. The only reason these seven countries are being banned is BECAUSE they are majority Muslim. President Bush wisely united the country and said, after 9/11, this is not an issue with Islam or our Muslim brothers and sisters, this is purely an issue with a small radical sect. We need more UNITING actions coming from our President, rather than more separation. This isn't even the way to prevent terrorism. This is such a harmful, unnecessarily discriminatory, anti-American action.


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