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Do Democrats and President Trump Need to Cut a Deal on Border Security Funding?
by Causes
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  • Barbara
    Voted No

    Border security....of course!!! Wall? Hell no. Never thought it was a good idea. Another one of 45’s manufactured crises. I want the government reopened. I want to get paid for the work I do, every day, for the American people. But anyone who deals or has dealt with small children knows, giving into a tantrum (tanTrump?) is never a good idea. I’m tired of the political posturing. I’m tired of being a pawn in a power play. I want this shutdown to END. I don’t want to see this used again. But I don’t want a wall to be the cost. I’m frustrated, I’m demoralized and, let’s be frank, I’m pissed. But I’ll be even angrier if that wall goes through.

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