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Social Security & Medicare Trust Funds Running Out of Money
by Causes
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  • Phyllis
    Voted No

    My husband and I watched the absolute destruction of our retirement account during the 1999 -2001 Corporate Fraud scam. Social security and medicare is all we have left. Even it has become a piggy bank from time to time by our government. Those monies should be replaced and these systems shored up. Even with Medicare, if it were not for Medicaid, I would not be able to cover the cost of a supplemental plan and the cost of my husband's medications and medical supplies. The entire healthcare system is broken. As long as people with a vested interest in the healthcare market continue to serve in our government, we will never be able to shake a system that is designed to line the pockets of corporations, lobbyist and politicians. These systems are designed for American citizens, not private corporations setup to make a profit as has been proposed by the current administration.

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