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Do You Think Trump Should Declare a National Emergency to Secure Wall Funding?
by Causes
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  • Gleebs
    Voted No

    I agree that border security needs to be funded. An above ground physical barrier will do little-to-nothing to solve the problem. Drug smugglers and illegal immigrants are already tunneling underground to achieve their agendas. What will Trump do to address that, drive stakes into the ground all along the southern border? We need to increase funding on cutting edge technology to locate underground tunnels. We need to increase border security. Maybe we can use the combination of the two and arrest some “bad hombres” and make eliminate some larger groups of drug dealers, I don’t know. That sure sounds better that a row of steel beams. Someone needs to stand up for the country instead of letting our bonehead President placate his delusional base. Please do the right thing.

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