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Parkland School Shooting Commission Issues Report, Recommends Arming Florida Teachers
by Fox News
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  • Ross
    Voted Oppose

    Schools are currently one of, if not the, safest places for children, so we better be damn sure any changes will make students safer before doing anything. There is no evidence arming teachers will make school safer. In fact, the evidence is quite compelling that the opposite it true. The odds of an active shooter being present are small, but adding guns increases the risk of an accidental shooting, a gun getting into the wrong hands, or someone using a gun when they lose their temper. Where there are more guns, there are more deaths. This has been repeatedly demonstrated by scientific studies. Second, adding more guns to active shooter scenarios does not necessarily lead to fewer fatalities. More bullets being fired usually means more casualties. Why do we assume the armed teachers would hit their target? We don’t call the cops because they have guns. We call them because they have extensive training. Third, if all the teachers have guns, when the cops show up, how will they know who is the “bad guy” and who are the “good guys”? This means it will take LONGER to identify and stop the bad guy. Fourth, evidence shows that increasing the use of formal and punitive social control actually increases the risk of violence because students become less likely to report on their fellow students so problems are not uncovered in advance. They want to alert people to issues but don’t necessarily want their classmates shot or arrested. If we arm teachers, students are less likely to report problems meaning they are more likely to bubble over into mass shootings. Lastly, given the disproportionate way school discipline is handed out, the disproportionate use of force by police, the disproportionate use of “self-defense” and the accompanying disproportionate determination of when a killing is ruled “justifiable,” we know that teachers are more likely to feel “threatened” by minority youth, which means arming teachers will simply mean more kids of color getting shot at school. This is a terrible, terrible idea guaranteed to make school less safe. I would never allow my kids to attend a school with armed teachers.


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