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UPDATED: Do You Support Impeachment Articles Against President Trump?
by Causes
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  • Nika.Naylor
    Voted Yes

    The gig is up. The only people who don't see the extent of the Trump/Putin conspiracy to defraud the US, and steal the 2016 election, are the ones not paying attention. Trump and his administration of grifters, liars, and theiving treason weasels need to be thrown out of government and our country. Ship them all to Russia, and never let them back in the USA. They should be Putin's problems four the rest of their lives. My Republican MOCs, have been complacent and, in some cases, even co-conspirated with Trump. I've communicated many times with them, especially the last two years. To date, neither of them have so much as stood up to Trump. It's time for the GOP to do the job they were hired for and put a stop to the instability Trump and Putin are causing in America and the world. Trump is literally destroying our country from the inside. Dismantling everything he can get his grubby little hands on. Nominating people to positions they absolutely don't belong in, and allowing them to steal from the coffers and discontinue programs that help the aging, disability community, veterans', children, working poor, and the middle class. Not only have my GOP MOCs turned a blind eye to the destruction of America's safety net of programs and services, they've done everything they can do to defund these, so called, "entitlements." Even going as far as giving a huge tax break to corporations and the top 1% so there's no money left to help Americans. Our deficit has increased by two trillion dollars since Trump took office. No doubt a direct result of the GOP's poor tax reform, and Trump's visits to his properties. The amount of our tax dollars Trump and his offspring have wasted, jet setting around the globe, is outrageous. Especially considering, outside of what we pay the Secret Service, most of the costs for Trump's travels are for the use of Trump properties at premium rate. If my GOP MOCs continue to turn a blind eye and/or aid and abet Trump while he destroys America, I'll have no choice but to assume they're just as guilty as he is.


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