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UPDATED: Do You Support Impeachment Articles Against President Trump?
by Causes
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  • HunterMc

    I don't have any clue what charges could be brought to impeach him. He has done things many people don't like as president. But here's the thing, you either have to break the law or not be fit to serve. He hasnt broken the law (at least not proven yet) and just because a lot of people disagree with him and his actions as president doesn't mean he isnt fit to serve. If he is convicted from the investigations then by all means I say go ahead and push the article, its reasonable. But untill then there's nothing here. He hasn't disregarded the constitution or anything like that, and when he has done anything like it, guess what, normal things happen, like travel bans being overturned in court. Not impeachment. Although some of the things he's says are unbecoming of a president doesnt mean he isn't fit to serve. There's nothing here. Wait for the investigation to be over and if something comes of that then use it. Untill then focus on anything besides it, because right now focusing on impeachment articles is wasting time

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