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The DC: 🏛 Have you been affected by the shutdown? and... Should the U.S. raise the minimum age for buying assault rifles?
by Causes
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  • Pat

    What are you doing with my tax money if you’re shutting the government down where is that money going on that you’re still collecting who gets that money why don’t we start collecting the money while you’re shutting the government down or give me back my money no one‘s asking that question either you continue to collect the money every time he shut the government down and you’ve been shutting it down on a regular basis. I want a refund it’s just like these are utility companies they continue to take the money from every citizen every day but never put anything back into making that utility better where does that money go to who is skimming that off? These are questions I want answers for and with you get the answer that I have come to conclude then I want action start collecting tax money when you’re shutting the government down.


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