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What to Watch in the House When the 116th Congress Begins
by Causes
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  • KansasTamale
    Voted Apathetic

    The Republicans I’m afraid will continue to flounder & obstruct like they’ve done for 10 years now. The only thing they’ve doe is screw the regular American & give tax cuts to the rich. They can’t even agree amongst themselves. That will be the buggy problem. McConnell won’t even give the senators a chance to vote on things. One person SHOULD NOT HAVE THAT MUCH CONTROL IN THE CONGRESS. I was leery of Pelosi & Schumer BUT they have included the “new class” of House representatives, finding out what each one’s electorate was interested in & making the newbies a part of the committees that fit their abilities and they sure handled Trump. Trump was on tape saying HE WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE SHUTDOWN. They played him like s violin. Almost as well as Putin & that Prince of Saudi Arabia. Think the House can possibly get Trump’s taxes & we can find out finally about his treason by working with the Russians to steal the 2016 election.

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