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The DC: What do you want to see in 2019? Healthcare for all? Carbon taxes? A border wall?
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  • Gemma

    1. Medicare for ALL! American Citizens should have access to the SAME Healthcare that our Politicians now have! No pre-existing conditions. Reasonable and fair pricing on all prescription drugs. 2. Equal pay for equal work! NO Gender or Age based bias! 3. Better PUBLIC Education! Better training for our Educators. 4. First 2 years of College or Technical School for “income and grade qualified” recipients are free. Community Service driven College tuition forgiveness program. 5. Better special education programs for special needs children. 6. Better and more accessible Mental Health programs tied to Medicare for all. 7. Overhaul the TAX SYSTEM 8. Raise taxes on Large Corporations and remove tax loopholes for the wealthy. 9. Better Trade Laws! 10. Better Regulations on Energy Efficiency with Tax Credits to Companies supporting Energy Efficiency in their industries. 11. GO BACK to the Protective Federal Regulations that we’re enacted in the Last Administration that Trump eliminated. 12. ABSOLUTELY NO Campaign Funding from large Corporations OR Foreign Governments. FULL PUBLIC DISCLOSURE on Campaign Funds. ALL POLITICIANS or Individuals seeking Political Positions MUST REVEAL ALL TAX REPORTS and Financial Records BEFORE RUNNING FOR OFFICE. POLITICIANS are working for the American People - INCLUDING the President of the USA. 13. Term limits on Politicians. Salaries DO NOT continue after service. (It doesn’t work like that for our Military who are far more deserving). 14. Politicians are forbidden from participating in lobbying while in Office and for a period of time after leaving Office. 15. The RULES in the Power of the Executive Office should be rewritten and ADHERED to stringently. 16. Removal of the Nuclear Vote by the Vice President. 17. Elimination of the Electoral College!!!!! 18. Laws on Voting Rights MUST be adhered to for EVERY American Citizen. Anyone endangering that right will face Jail time. NO Conflict of Interest shall be accepted, i. e., GA and Sect. of State running for Governor. 19. Judges CANNOT have Political Bias and serve on the bench, i. e., Kavanaugh. 20. A FULL and OPEN investigation on Kavanaugh to start immediately. 21. Much better Enforcement of the Gun Laws and Background checks. Waiting period before purchasing a Firearm. NO ASSAULT WEAPONS sold to non Military Personal. Stronger punishments for offenders. 22. Immigration Laws need reviewing and people seeking ASYLUM must NOT be treated as criminals. NO MORE separation of children from adults. 23. Refugee Issues: Efforts should be made to rectify the situation within the Country of origin, in collaboration with the United Nations, to solve the humanitarian problems before refugees start fleeing to other Countries in droves. 24. We cannot be an ISOLATIONIST Country!!!!! The USA was not founded on that premise. We are ALL immigrants!!! Trump’s two wives were immigrants, and yet he wants to close our borders to all others. It’s no longer GOOD ENOUGH to say “do as I say, not as I do”. EVERYONE is susceptible to the SAME Laws including, and especially, the President of the United States of America.

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