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Trump Signs Order Freezing Federal Worker Pay Hike
by Axios
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  • Jonathan
    Voted Oppose

    Fiscally responsibility only ever matters when it comes to paying the workers. Pay the inflated defense Budget but don’t increase the pay to the troops, oh but you can always just say you did. When will this country stand up for fair pay for all jobs instead of letting government and businesses pay us all as little as possible, take away the needed number of workers and run those of us left into the ground. This is already done on the state level. I do the job of five people in the name of fiscal responsibility. Do I get compensated extra? NO. Am I expected to complete the work of five people, YES. We also haven’t received a raise in eight years. We are paid less than most at McDonald’s and are expected to take it and like it because we are social workers. Wake up. Stand up to this idiot already. Trump voters wanted America run as a business. Congrats. It is. Business and the rich are getting everything and the workers are getting shafted at all points. It won’t be long until they start stripping our Heath insurance too because it’s too much of an entitlement


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