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Most Americans Say $5 Billion Should Be Spent on Healthcare or Education, Not Trump's Border Wall - Do You Agree?
by Causes
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  • Denny
    Voted Yes

    What part of Mexico is going to pay, is hard to understand! That is the tag line isn’t it ? Let’s be honest everyone understands that was just bullshit served on old bread. Nobody really thought this was even a remote possibility to start with. Now comes the spin that we will renegotiate a new trade agreement to get the funding, now the new thing is some jack ass actually raising money on a crowd sourcing app. Next thing to happen is Ivanka showing her tits at $10 a pop to pay for the goddamn wall. Look a lie is a lie, this was a wedge issue manifested to rally a minority of sheep who think the simple answer is the only answer. Does anyone in America not think past their own nose anymore


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