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Tell Your Reps: Should Private Companies Run Immigration Detention Centers?
by Causes
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  • Denny
    Voted Oppose

    Do I still live in America?! The notion that we should subsidize companies to do the job of the government is ridiculous. Firstly these companies are probably the same corporate pukes that lobby politicians for anti worker rights, pay increases, and a living wage. So in no way should we provide corporate America to continue fleecing it’s on citizens. Whom by the way have made their success possible. It’s the job of government to do these things, giving these types of responsibilities to a corporate entity will only give rise to untold numbers of issues. Such as, funding misappropriation,physical,mental,sexual, assault,and even death. When money runs something it tends to overcome all sanity. So Fuck no we shouldn’t subsidize another big corporation. That’s really what this is!


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