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Immigrant Boy Who Died in U.S. Custody Had Influenza
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  • Chad

    There’s been no change in the amount of deaths at the border, from Obama to Trump. It’s stayed around 300 per year, 2014-2017. People blaming our government, for the death of a couple kids that have traveled a long distance through dangerous countries, are absolutely delusional. It’s unfortunate, yes, but how on earth can you put the blame on people that aren’t even at the border? You can’t even put the blame on border patrol. Are you insinuating that Trump went down there and gave one kid the flu, and made sure another kid died of dehydration? Two kids dying will really satisfy that racist itch, and start turning away the people trying to come to this country. Give me a freakin break. WE LIVE IN REALITY, NOT SOME FAIRYTALE LAND. PEOPLE DIE WHEN UNFORTUNATE SITUATIONS OCCUR. NOT EVERY HUMAN CAN ALWAYS BE SAVED. PLEASE, FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIFE, USE WHAT PATHETIC BRAIN POWER YOU HAVE.

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