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The Latest: Longest Government Shutdown in U.S. History to End After 35 Days
by Causes
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  • Corin
    Voted Maybe

    It saddens me that everybody is so hyper-partisan in all things these days. The democrats were given a majority by people who do not want a wall, so giving in on this would be a betrayal to those voters. How can anybody not see that? Trump (despite owning this shut down and promising that Mexico would pay for the wall) can also not give on this issue as his rabid supporters would also view backing down as a betrayal. I voted maybe because they should ALL do their jobs and work until they can find a compromise, but I also know that given the current political climate there is no compromise to be found. (I personally think the wall is a waste of money and Trump should keep his promises, but that is not what this question is about)


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