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Trump Becomes First President Since 2002 Not to Visit Troops at Christmastime
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  • mb2018
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    ***One minute after this post it was announced Trump made a surprise visit to troops in Iraq. I’m happy to hear this, however it does not change my opinion already stated*** Our President had a public meltdown over Christmas. The fact that he said “here alone” and “poor me” is clear that he wasn’t too busy to visit military personnel. He has single-handedly stripped the grandiose of this position in a matter of 2-years; yet we have not gained the success, prosperity, or internal strengthening promised. He is now forcing this country to pay for a wall we were told another country would pay for (despite whether we wanted it or not). He is stopping the pay - for an undetermined amount of time - for the very people tasked with our countries protection over a wall he claims is needed for our protection. The irony is ridiculous. Please consider proceedings for impeachment as it has been seen multiple times this year that he is not capable of running this country. We are in a dangerous impasse and as a voter I’m asking for the change we need before our country is beyond repair.

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