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The Latest: Longest Government Shutdown in U.S. History to End After 35 Days
by Causes
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  • Matthew
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    THEY HAD ONE ON WEDNESDAY!!!! This is the Incompetent Dictator Shutdown!!! He refused to sign the bill after his handlers, Rush & Ann, called him a coward (uhhhh DUH!!! He is!) and so he had his tantrum. This is a time when REAL PRESIDENTS stand up and lead! NOT pass the responsibility onto others and throw tantrums!!!! So EVERY LEGITIMATE NEWS SOURCE (basically everything outside state run Faux News and conservative outlets) NEED to remind the Incompetent Dictator this is HIS SHUTDOWN on a daily basis!!! ALL AMERICANS AFFECTED by this shutdown need to remind the Manchurian this is HIS SHUTDOWN and HE IS SCREWING YOU OVER FOR A RACIST VANITY PROJECT!!! He has already backed down on what the wall is? He will cave in a few days when he can’t spend our money at his vanity getaway, Mar-A-Logo. The same place Nixon last went to vacation as President . . .

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