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How Secure is the-U.S. Mexico Border? Here Are the Facts
by Causes
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  • Norma
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    Wall is a waste of public funds, also drugs do not come from Mexican border crossing nor unauthorized legal immigrants come from authorized legal immigrant approve by immigration through visa that it’s ok for their visit to work or to visit and never return that the reason is used as UNAUTHORIZED LEGAL IMMIGRANTS Cause how do they put number in front of unauthorized 1.1 million unauthorized immigrants undocumented crazy because their documented through the system but claiming them as crossing in illegal come on Broader is wasted drugs come in by government through private jet private owner. Through Mexico, Columbia, and within united states up North where the big drug is heroin which is make in united stated Drug war and ice which I can't pronoun is home made in Indiana, Mosouri in another states those are just a few America open your eyes take vail from your eye smell the coffee

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