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How Secure is the-U.S. Mexico Border? Here Are the Facts
by Causes
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  • John
    Voted No

    I have been on the Mexican border several times there’s absolutely no problem with what’s in place now. As a matter of fact there’s less security on our northern border with Canada. Should we build a wall around Canada. Here’s the thing in A nutshell. The vast majority of Americans didn’t want Donald Trump as president. Only a very small 35% of the people will stick with him no matter what he says. Example in his own words I could shoot someone on fifth Avenue and they would stick with me. So that leaves 65% of the population I think the president is going down exactly the wrong path. Humm.....What does that mean, could it mean most Americans disagree with Trump. I think at this point that’s from endangering us internationally but pulling our troops out of Syria which is ludicrous. Lying every chance he gets in fact he even lies about Lying. I think the obvious answer is that Trump has to go. If you’re Republican he’s going to say he’s destroying the party that’s at the minimum. If you’re an average American you got to see That he’s destroying this country. Time for Trump to go. Wake up America let’s get rid of this madman.

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