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Do You Want the Senate to Enact the ‘Nuclear Option’ Over Border-Wall Funding?
by Causes
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  • Gail
    Voted No

    The bulk of the people in America “illegally” are folks who came here legally on green cards, student visas or work visas and just stayed when their cards expired. Building a wall does nothing about that issue. This President refuses to do his homework because he does not want to read and wants soundbite summaries of issues from his staff. The truth is he should be studying the issues like Presidents before him so that he understands them and stops adopting simplistic answers to complex problems. He is one of those people who hires immigrants on visas and illegals. It is fine with him so long as he is getting something out of it. Those crossing at the borders are desperate and deserve to be considered asylum seekers and fairly evaluated for entry, not treated like criminals. Finally, how much respect can one have for a guy who whines like a baby whenever someone criticizes him, yet does not let a day go by without demeaning and name calling someone who does not agree with him? He has never learned to deal with people like an adult, so he resorts to the schoolyard bully tactics of a child. Therefore, I do not think his solutions to any problems are the ones the Congress should follow.

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