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Are You Against the U.S. Becoming More Politically Correct?
by Causes
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  • Mac
    Voted No

    It takes very little effort to not be offensive, the problem is that some people have lived their lives steeped in bad influences, and being taught that offensive behavior is excusable if it’s meant as a joke or “wasn’t intended to hurt anyone”. That admittedly can take a bit of reconditioning, but it is completely worth it. It takes bravery to face and critique your own faults and ideals. It will also set anyone convinced that they can't be a certain way (racist, homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic) free because they won't have to worry about fighting an imaginary battle anymore. It is the closest thing to enlightenment you can get, imo. This is as simple as doing things such as minding your own business, dropping the slurs and stupid jokes that you don't get laughs from in the first place, accepting that humanity is ever evolving, and most importantly, keeping an ear to the ground as to how it is evolving, and once you've done all that, you'll realize how little it costs you to maintain. Not to mention you'll feel better about yourself because with accepting those things you choose to belittle, you'll find acceptance and allyship from whatever group of people you're currently having issue with as well. I don't say this to bash those that feel like they're somehow under attack, but to offer a different perspective and some ideas on how to fix it. I genuinely hope this helps.

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