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Senate Passes Anti-Lynching Bill After Nearly 200 Failed Attempts
by Causes
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  • Tia
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    To my congressmen; I know most often that you hear from your constituants, it's because we are upset about something and want you to fix it. This is a different type of letter. This is a letter of thanks. I want to thank you for taking action on outlawing the heinous act of lynching. As an African American woman living in this country, the history of my people and what they have suffered is not lost on me. The present climate that exists in the country within respect to race relations and the awful treatment my people receive and have received, calls back the memories of the horrors of the past. There have been acts of this nature that have taken place this year. Your decisive and thoughtful action has taken a first step in making the change we need in this country. Thank you, Tia Pearson


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