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What Really Happens in a Shutdown?
by Causes
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  • Wayne
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    “Shutting down the government” is never good considering there’s still almost a million workers expected to stay home before this is all sorted out. But there has to be a compromise somewhere. It is a really smart idea to FUND THE WALL and build a regulated process for immigrants applying through mass asylum. We have to be smarter than Europe, I mean look at the news any day about what’s going on there because of how they let everybody and their cousin in. We as taxpayers literally can’t afford to fund their healthcare (physical or mental) or even their other expenses with our taxes, which is what we currently do since there is terrible regulation in assistance programs. There must be solution to simplify this process for everyone who wants this nation to thrive. Fund the wall, and let’s find the right way to bring in families looking for refugee status, to integrate them into our society our Founding Fathers paved and built for us, to protect us!


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