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Nielsen: Girl’s Death in Border Patrol Custody ‘A Sad Example of the Dangers’ Migrants Face
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  • DaveSnyder

    Ao sad. These poor people traversed half a continent on a false promise. The American media and democrats lied to these people. They told them, directly or indirectly, that they would be able to just waltz right in here, so they weighed that promised benefit against the huge risk of hauling a young child on such a journey only to find they were not allowed in without going through proper channels- as they were truthfully told by President Trump. Free passage or not, this girl would have died. She was treated as capably here as she would have been with free passage. She was doomed from dehydration by the time they reached the border. Her dehydration is not a policy issue. The tragedy is they were intentionally goaded to assume this risk by the American left. Had they been honest with them, this family would not have made the trek. Republicans shoulder some of the blame, also, for being so spineless on this issue in the past, leading the left to assume they would just roll over yet again when the rubber met the road. Unfortunately, when things are so lax for so long, there is the real possibility of unintended consequences when a stand that has needed to be taken for decades finally is taken. I truly grieve for this girl and her family. But hopefully it won’t be for nought. Hopefully it will communicate that, no, people are NOT permitted to just walk into our country with no account. PLEASE, at least arrange for a legal process when you get here before you make that treacherous trek!

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