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To Tackle Climate Change, Can We Separate Science from Politics?
by Causes
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  • Cndrla

    I believe one party is in bed financially with the big corporate polluters who put profits above everything. I believe everyday people, the teachers the nurses the police officer are waking up and realizing this is not a spectator sport. We can’t sit back any more while the wealthy self serving continue to dis honor our nation our people and our planet. Any reasonable human being believes “The Science”. We can all see the rapid climate change. So the answer is to VOTE THEM OUT! ...RUN FOR OFFICE...eventually our politicians will mirror this melting pot of a nation. We are a Democratic nation who has been hijacked by money and greedy humans. We are a nation of HEBS, Highly Evolved Human Beings. We are all one and when we act as one, we can do anything. Love will win every time! Love your nation and resist the lies and the hate created to manipulate all of us. Our Planet needs us to be good stewards.

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