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Do You Want Congress to Fund a Border Wall?
by Causes
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  • evelynpsims
    Voted No

    Logic, reason and factual statistical figures seem to fly over the heads of all the wall building proponents. Examples: 1. Border Security is important, we can’t afford to have an open border. Fact: Yes, border security is important, we have border security. We do not have an open border. 2. Drugs are flowing across our open border along with terrorist, bad people, and diseased people. A wall will stop this. Fact: Yes, drugs are coming into the US, but the overwhelming and significant amount of drugs are being smuggled in by air, ship, carrier and truck, NOT on foot by individuals. A wall will have zero impact on drugs. To characterize all immigrants as terrorist or diseased is disingenuous at best. 3. Border Security is a urgent National Security issue and having a wall is integral part of this security protection Fact: The governments own statistical charts on illegal crossings shows that the crossings at the southern border has been on a steady decline for the past 20 years, in fact, it is very low at this point in time, showing proof that our present security systems in place are effective and that there isn’t any urgent problematic issues at the border requiring immediate attention. We all know that President Trump ran on a platform promising a wall to be built. The majority of Americans that do not live within the southern border regions or are not familiar with exactly what our border security is, may have bought into this erroneous idea of a wide open area with thousand of bad illegal aliens streaming across into our country, but folks this is far, far from reality, though it might make a good border apocalypse movie. Bottom line is this: We don’t need a wall. We can not afford a wall. A wall will have no effective in preventing drugs from coming into the country. We have much more urgent needs to be addressed and funded that can have a very positive effect for Americans. Let’s address those and stop this wall nonsense


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