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Should Schools Turn Students’ Lunch Debt Over to Collection Agencies?
by Causes
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  • Lionman
    Voted No

    I cannot express enough, how bad this idea is. First, we should NEVER shame a child for the inability of a parent to fund their child’s lunch. Second, we should figure out a way to make sure kids are fed first, and deal with a cost later. I have high regard for those school districts who are serving at least 2 meals a day, and working on figuring out how to send food home with children at night. Public schools are meant to serve the public, and a child who worries about where their next meal comes from, won’t become a high achiever. And these aren’t things the average private school will work to help deal with. Or, worse, they just turn families away if they can’t afford lunches, let alone a breakfast. They won’t consider any sort of food backpack program, that would cut into the profit of their for-profit model.

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