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Trump: 'I’m Proud to Shut Down the Government' Over Border Wall
by Axios
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  • Jeffrey
    Voted No

    A wall is not going to work, they always find a way. Why not figure out a way to help them make their country more livable? As long as people fear getting killed where they live they will migrate to greener pastures. It's not rocket science, look to places like Yemen, Syria, EST. What's the common link these places have????? Lack of livability, due to bullets, bombs and other nasty stuff, a lot of it made in THE U.S.A. If people moving here for a better life is a problem maybe we should reevaluate whether we make money selling arms, or if in the end it costs us more then we will ever know. How many people can you beat up ( or help beat up) before some country or country's beat us up? Are we up for life without? That's what war does is make sure you are deprived or everything. I like having food to eat, a car to drive, gas to put in it etc.etc.etc.etc. I would be bummed if I couldn't flip a light on when I walked into a dark room, it's something I'm pretty used to. We need to figure out how to get along since we all live in the same house. Think about it.


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