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The DC: 💵 Trump threatens shutting down the government over the border wall, and... How can we improve the Daily Countable?
by Causes
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  • John

    Wall,wall, wall! All we hear from that creep is “build a wall”! We don’t need a wall! What we need is an adult in the big chair. Why threaten to close the country just because you don’t get your way? He’s been refused numerous times in the past but still harps on his wall. When is he going to learn? Congress should wise up and start proceedings to override him each time they submit a bill that does not have his wall in it as they submit it for his approval. This is crazy. Stop the wall permanently! It’s a waste of money. They will tunnel under it or fly over it or lan on beaches at night where there is no wall. The people from Mexico and central/South America are not stupid.

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