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Does the U.S. Need to Hire Additional Border Patrol Agents?
by Causes
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  • Ronda
    Voted No

    First, hiring outside contractors is neither cost-effective or easily monitored for the quality of the workers. Second, this particular contractor should be fired because you idiots happily handed over almost 14 million dollars and they hired 2 (two?!?) people. So, fire them. Get our money back. Stop being racist. And resign in shame because you’re terrible at your job. Or are you? Because, honestly, this seems more incompetent than any adult allowed out on their own should reasonably be expected to be. Maybe it’s not so much incompetence as money laundering. You finding a way to siphon our tax dollars to your donors. Is that it? Is it graft? It’s hard to decide sometimes whether you all are more stupid, or more dishonest. Most days it’s a coin flip.

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