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The High-Profile Trump White House Departures
by Axios
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  • davidf
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    Having been trained in and spent most of my working career dealing with family and organizational systems, the high turnover in the upper echelons of the Trump Administration says a lot about the incredible level of dysfunction in this administration. Some turnover is to be expected in any system/organization. What we are seeing here is FAR from normal. The level of turnover in this administration points to a variety of possible problems, all of them based in the core dysfunction of primary leadership (ie, the President). This level of turnover also points to how extreme that core dysfunction is. The lies, denials, distortions, misinformation, and related behavior are symptoms. Systems this dysfunctional routinely destroy their members as well as those around them. With the latest departures there are no longer any adults in the room. God help us!

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