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FBI Moves to Fix Critical Flaw in Its Crime Reporting System
by ProPublica
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  • ColonelMoose
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    As a retired 17 year law enforcement veteran I oppose nearly anything the FBI tries to do. The issue with trying to regulate these stats is that each state and local jurisdiction has different laws which each have different requirements in order to qualify as a crime. I spent 7 years as a sex crimes detective and I absolutely do not believe the stat reporting that 40% of similar reports were “unfounded”. Forcing this disposition into crime stars is just going to complicate the stat results and open the door for defense attorneys to use FBI stats to impeach testimony of victims. There is so much negative that could come from this action and I see no real benefit for adding it to the annual stars. On a side note, in 17 years I worked cases with DEA,ATF, Secret Service, ICE, DOD and the US Marshals but never once did I ever actually meet an FBI agent. By the time I retired I began to suspect FBI agents were a lot like UFOs and Bigfoot. You hear about sightings but never actually find someone who claimed to see one in person.

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