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U.S. Stocks Are Battered in One of Their Worst Days of 2018 As U.S.-China Trade Deal Appears to Sputter
by Washington Post
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  • Kip
    Voted Yes

    Yes, We need to let China know that we don't need their Communist junk that's made by slave labor. We have always laughed at "made in China" knowing it was CHEAP in more ways than one. They have been pawning off their inferior products on us and we have been paying the price, (broken trash, unsafe, falls apart, junk!) Then of course they can sell it cheaper then we can make it. Their workers are slaves of the state, making pennies on the dollar to their labor. It's unfair to the American workers to have to compete with slave labor. If they want to sell it here let them pay a higher price. Then to make things worse they tax our products higher going into their country than their products are taxed to come into ours. That must stop! Make them pay to equalize the trade or tell them we don't want their communist junk!

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