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Unauthorized Immigrant Population in the U.S. Reaches 10-Year Low
by Axios
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  • Cosmo
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    If I could only believe the graphs. Harvard claims we have 16 to 24 million illegals taking away jobs, impacting our schools, increasing your real estate taxes, given medical care, food stamps, and contribute nothing to off set there impact socially on our countries cost. Knowing all of this, some Democrat releases a graph that depicts a slow down in illegals entering our America. The horse left the barn over 25-35 years ago. Next time you go to the lavatory bring a printed copy of the graph with you. My parents real estate taxes increased dramatically every year. It was the impact of school taxes. Investigators in Suffolk County NY found 3-4 families living in a 2 bedroom apartment with 12 school age children. Guess who paid the rent. Yes. You did. This needs to stop. You can blame every President except Trump. He’s a man who stands for what’s right for us.


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