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Mexico Denies Deal With White House on Migrants, As Trump Threatens to Close Entire Border
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  • Michele
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    I am so sick of hearing about the border. I have never heard such fearmongering in my life as I have since Trump has entered office. Things are not any worse or better before he took office than his constant harping has made it so. He uses the border as a way to super charge his base. The percentage of these people being criminals is small. Most of them are desperate and have no other place to go. If they become illegal, they don't get any benefits they can actually claim, not if they don't want to be deported. Most jobs they take are jobs most Americans don't want. I think there is a misconception that if they are denied the jobs, then those employers will raise the pay. If they were going to do that, they already would. Some of them, like farmers, cannot afford to do so. I truly wish that all the people who are so concerned with border security would instead worry about the fact that there is such an inequality in pay in this country that one percent of the population continue to rule us because they distract us with borders when we should be focused on inequal distribution of wealth. That's what's truly scary in this country . . . and the fact our people are too blind to see this reality.


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