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Mexico Denies Deal With White House on Migrants, As Trump Threatens to Close Entire Border
by Fox News
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  • Kathleen
    Voted No

    Enough is enough! Time to put the idiot in charge in jail or a padded cell. He has failed at his job on all fronts! Being president is not a business! He thinks he's a dictator but that's not how this country was made. The list goes on and on. He is an illegal sitting in that office! He is cruel to anyone of different color or religion. Let's put him in a tent city for awhile! We would love to see him banned from the US but he kinda knows too much so a cell and no phone or internet of any kind either. He does not have the right to do or say the things has done and doing. He needs to be stopped along with his pals. Not the poor people fleeing their nightmare only to be trapped in another because of the idiot in charge who loves to pass the buck. Enough is enough!

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