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Mississippi’s 15-Week Abortion Ban Ruled Unconstitutional by Federal Judge
by Fox News
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  • Craig
    Voted No

    Sooo, those that want abortion restrictions and/or abortion elimination agrees that a stranger knows what is better for someone they don’t even know? I find Christian Home Schooling a form of child abuse. So I should have the right to call child protective services and have the child taken away from their parents. I know better then the parents, therefore I am right and they are wrong. Many religious families do not believe in taking their kids to the hospital and/or doctor and those children die all the time. I should be allowed to call child protective services and have those children removed from their parents because I know better. I am on-the-fence about abortion, but I side with pro-choice. This is a decision for the woman and HER family, partner, doctor, pastor and friends or those SHE discusses this with. NOT me and NOT you! You have no idea what SHE is going through or what happened. How would you like it if I could simply call and have your children taken away? It’s the same thing. If you don’t like abortion, then don’t have one. If you don’t like abortion, then become an advocate for better sex education and birth control methods. Peoples rights don’t end where your religious beliefs begin.

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