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An Estimated 85,000 Children Have Died of Starvation in Yemen
by Axios
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  • Maria elena
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    These atrocities happen in every war! Ashamed should be the people that cause it yo their own people! Don’t think we are to far from these things occurring here soon given the climate and divisiveness of present government! In time you will see the result of the two classes caused by trump and people becoming vigilantes when someone is criticizing our present government! We are already seeing it by way President handles press! The mentality is changing to become accustomed to a sophisticated dictatorship which is also being seen by the alliances with countries with these human rights atrocities! So why go fight for those we don’t know or can change their mentality when we have yet to fight those within our own system ! Concentrate on what is going on here snd realize that almost more children are starving here without a war than there because of one! Wars suck but power and narcissism keeps creating them! We need to say no more all over the wold and uncover and realize why our people in power create them and send us to the front! We myst realize without us they are nothing! Stop letting them brain wash us with a few praises and rationalizing! Stop letting them fill you with hate, and fear! Only then can we become true soldiers ! By accepting and respecting not everyone should be the same and letting people grow defending their stance! If people follow crazy men they are no better! God gave us a brain to think with , use it! Stop bring lambs led to the slaughter, stop acting with emotion instead of devotion!

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