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Penalize Liars in Media and Online, Congressman Says
by Axios
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  • Anthony
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    I do think that there needs to be tough penalties for lying but it needs to go deeper than social media. There has been several times where mainstream news organizations have reported things that were flat out lies. For one the mainstream news said that Trump’s policies were causing families to be separated at the boarders but when I went to I got a different story. Turns out that policy was in effect since 1997 and was a result of the Flores agreement. Another one of my favorites was when the mainstream news reported that President Trump called all immigrants were animals. Well when I saw his words in context of the conversation, I saw that he was responding to a woman clearly talking about the gang MS13. I wish I could end there but you unfortunately there are so many more examples to back the need for this. Let’s look at the Health care reform act of 2017. The one that made it out of the house but not the senate. In this case the mainstream media said that there was nothing in there for preexisting conditions and nothing in there about increasing fee market competition. Yet when you go to and look it up, you don’t have to go passed the table of contents to see that they were both in there. What’s worse is they were 2 of the three of the four major titles in the bill. They were title 3 and 4 respectively. The next Piece of evidence in this debate would be the travel ban. The media only reported what countries were on the list. They did not report that to get off this list they just need to inform us us of there process for adjudicating visas to the US and how they verify the people are who they say they are. They also failed to report that as the initial countries meet this objectives and come off the list other countries will be added and go through the same process. They also filed to report that the end goal of the travel ban was to ensure that every country has set procedures to adjudicate visas to the US. Yeah there are so many others like the MLK bust, the Russian dossier etc. like I said there does need to be tough penalties and it should apply to mainstream media as well.

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