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The DC: 🎖️How do veterans fare in the U.S. today? and... 🗳Florida Senate and governor races head to recounts
by Causes
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  • Gemma

    Why does the President boast of our military might while our soldiers come home to a failing support system. They face physical and mental medical issues with little to no support. Certainly, NO support in entering the workforce, the US Vets are displaced and often end up homeless. This is a disgrace as the President talks about a SpaceForce! Today the News is that the Vets will not be getting their GI Benefits that should be coming to them. What’s going on???? Democrats will be fixing these problems and the people will be REPLACING THE REPUBLICANS RESPONSIBLE FOR FUNNELING FUNDS TO THE RICH AND INTO THEIR “OWN” POCKETS! YOUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED!

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