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Veterans’ Affairs: How Veterans Fare in the U.S. Today
by Causes
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  • Scott

    Because of the wording in the new VA Bill “Veterans forever”. They decided to calculate cost of living for veterans on where they are going to school and not where they live. Because of that idiotic wording in the document, veterans are not receiving any benefits at this point in time. Those who are trying to obtain help through a hardship contact line, find out resource are so backlogged, the chances of getting any type of help are slim to none. Which is causing more veterans to lose housing and become homeless. Trump for all his bragging of being a great businessman, will make the effort to incite people on this grand gesture that he’s offering. But he does not follow through to make sure that the general management of whatever program he has set up, is taken care of. So more than 80,000 G.I. Bill recipients are still waiting for housing payment.


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