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Broward County, Florida, Center of Recount Turmoil. Again.
by Causes
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  • Anthony

    This is just too ridiculous! So, a few months ago president Trump disbands the committee to evaluate vulnerabilities of our nations voting processes. Then the democrats and the media wanted to bitch and piss and moan about how the President wasn’t doing enough to protect us from Russia meddling in our elections. now this happened in a county which has a history of these types of things in that county. somehow these manifested votes just happen to go in favor of the Democratic party. I don’t care whether you are democrat or republican, this is shady but some how the laws again do not apply to the democrats. how is this woman still in that position of supervisor of the county elections. She has had several law suits against her for shady election BS. I don’t understand how people can’t see right through this shit!


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