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What to Do If You’re Turned Away at the Polls (TL;DR: Cast a Provisional Ballot)
by Causes
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  • Joseph
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    As a former election poll observer from 2000-2016 I have always told anyone I talk to to do this. Before you go to vote look online for the telephone numbers of your local election officials, some areas have a city or county clerks office that only deal with voting and elections same people you send your registration to vote. Write all the telephone numbers on a piece of paper along with the telephone for which ever political party your affiliated with in your state. If you get no where with your local officials call your state party office in most states your state party office have lawyers on call on Election Day that can make phone calls for you to your local official and polling place once they get a call from a lawyer they will allow you to vote rather than face criminal charges for election tampering. So make a list of all those numbers have them with you when you go to vote.

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