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Poll: Voters Think the Media Divides America More Than Trump – Do You?
by Axios
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  • Anthony
    Voted Yes

    I think it’s time to hold the media accountable for their false propaganda. They purposefully get people pissed off and they are lying to accomplish it. Furthermore, they receive tons of money from a man who has publicly stated that if he could destroy America he would consider that a culmination of his life’s work. I’m not sure how you interpret that but to me that means everything he is doing is to that very end. He wants to destroy America. That man is George Soros! FYI, the democrats receive tons of money from him as well. So, the media gets everyone pissed off and then Soros cuts loose another group he finances. That group is Antifa. Does this sound like he is trying to destroy America? Let’s not forget he said it! My last thought on this is that Hitler once said if you tell a big enough lie often enough people will believe it. He also had intentions to destroy and reshape the country he lived In As well!

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