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Trump Tweets That Media Is to Blame for Political Hostility - Do You Agree?
by Axios
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  • Margaret
    Voted Yes

    Yes, his rhetoric is inciting those “deplorables” to take action. And the media fuels his rhetoric by giving him airtime so those that are fanatical to his ideals will act. CNN,MSNBC,FOX, etc. need to stop validating his lies with airtime and just prove he’s wrong and move on to other FACT BASED news, like the change in politics globally that will affect the inhabitants of this planet in addition to the USA. Trump owns and controls the Republican Party (that’s obvious due to the lack of response by them when he lies). He doesn’t own the citizens.. but like Hitler, he’s just saying what the poor and ignorant wants to hear until he controls everything through discrediting the checks and balances in place that preserves our democracy. The government will be financially screwed by the end of the year (at the present rate of spending) and that’s when we’ll really hear the garbage coming from his and Republicans mouth (cut Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security - which the government owes 3 trillion that they borrowed and not paid back). Where are the Walter Cronkite, Huntley and Brinkley, Woodward and Bernstein for THIS generation when it comes to reporting facts versus rhetoric? Also, why does the office of the President get a pass for inciting civil unrest with his speeches?

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