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Trump Blames 'Hateful' Fake News for Societal Anger
by Axios
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  • Joe

    Trump wants it both ways. He wants to say any dirty and hateful thing he wants, accusing media of "fake news" b/c cable stations like CNN and NBC and news print like NYT and Wash Post don't bend over and kiss his ass like Fox does, and then call them "enemy of the people" b/c they don't do his bidding. Trump is an autocrat, a dictator by heart which is the reason he wants America to treat him like Russia treats Putin, as a all powerful father figure. Trump has ZERO knowledge of American history and American values, and hates to have to live under Freedom of the Press. Trump is an aberration of our time; totally ignorant of how a constitutional republic is governed, nor does he care to learn. Putin has more knowledge of the American government and how it functions than Trump. I would say to D. Trump, "you reap what you sow". He has sowed hate, violence and discord since his candidacy. Now he seeing the fruits of his hateful, ignorant conduct. It will likely get worse and he will not like it when it comes home.


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